Not just in Himalaya but in all parts of India there have been Siddhas of Khechari vidya. Some siddhas are known to use khechari science in. Khechari Mudra – Churning the Nectar. To experience the bliss of nectar, yogis practiced khechari mudra. By turning the tongue backwards they found that it. On this website you will find details and examples of the ongoing textual and ethnographic work of James Mallinson on traditional Indian yoga and yogis.

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A person will then attain the Siddhi of Khechari, by means of this science.

One should perform the six Angas or parts of the Khechari Bija Mantra by pronouncing it in six different intonations. A knower of the Atman, having drawn out the tongue from the root of the palate, should in accordance with the advice of his Guru, clear the impurities of the tongue for seven days.

Khecarī mudrā

The text warns that he should do it very gradually and if he rushes with it he destroys his organ. Happy New year Prahlad Jani, who was put in 24 X 7 under observation without food and water for days and with all biological activities being monitored. Views Read Edit View history. Whitep. Email required Address never made public. Without doubt, it stops there.

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Inauguration of the YouTube Channel: Add to Spiritual Diary. But, even after hundred births, Melana is not obtained.

Khecarī mudrā – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This might also correspond to a variant uddhara, which I have seen, but was not able to completely comprehend due to the lack of clarity in the varga being indicated. The outward method of performing all artificial procedures will never land an aspirant in the true path of spirituality. These Mudras accompanied by the process of Pranayama while sitting in any one of the Asanas like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana, Sukhasana etc.

Therefore the branch of Hathayoga attempts to bring perfection to the physical system of the human being by means of Asanas, Mudras, Pranayama to make it a fit vehicle to achieve the goal of mundane existence, i. In the below video, we see how Mahayogi ji gets up from the samadhi of 13 days and what he says afterwards. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: O Brahman, only some get the practice after several births.

Khechari Mudra- A Critical Study

The classical standalone khecharI system came into its own relatively late, khchari on the foundations of the shrIkula and the pashchimAmnAya tantra-s. Then by concentrating on the tip of nose or on the agya chakra by getting in Unmani mudra, one concentrates on the nectar dripping from crown chakra.

Without doubt, the destruction of khecchari greyness of hair and wrinkles, Valipalita, will take place. One who recites this twelve times everyday will not get even in sleep that Maya or illusion which is born in his body and is the source of all vicious deeds. No sooner one gets this science, than one should practise it. More controversially it is conceivable that somehow the practice stimulates the hypophysis to release lutenizing hormone.


Khechari Bija is spoken of as Agni encircled with water. O best of the Sages, little by little it should be practised. Thus, khchari becomes clear that khecharI was already well established in the yogic circles by the time of the tathAgata.

Yogendra Nath Yogi: The Khechari Vidya

You are commenting using your WordPress. While I cannot speak for myself in this case, the reliable experience of the yogin-s suggests that the mudra has a very definitive physiological effect.

It is then that one will soon get the Siddhi.

It is the abode of the Devas or the Khecharas. This viyda uses cookies. Keep our mind in peace. The secret is revealed by adepts only at initiation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Notify me of new comments via email.