Showing results for jetking online exam question paper i module jobs in Mumbai .. Fresh CA or CA drop out or who not appear Nov Exam. Monthly . The Cisco CCNA course is designed to train you for the exam and to be a successful network engineer. The exam will consist of questions that. Most frequently asked hardware networking interview questions and answers for freshers. Q. What are the layers of the OSI reference model?.

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Temporarily remove the CMOS battery. What does DIP mean? All the above 5. Go into BIOS setup and delete the password. Together born child 3. Describe attenuation, distortion, and noise in brief A.

Keep the taskbar on top of other windows 2. Jdtking Memory Diagnostic Tool 5. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. What does VRAM stand for? The NTFS file system is better for dual-booting. What is a DB-9? People at the same level 2. No Insertion Force 3.


This loss of energy is called the Attenuation. The number of hardware networking job opportunities for freshers is expected to grow extensively in the coming years. Windows Easy Transfer 2.

Unit of a computer system is the unit where place where the actual executions of instructions takes place during processing operation?

Wattage and Tolerance 2. What does PCL stand for?

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Will last longer before breaking down. In a world, where technology is leading to innovations, networking is nowhere behind. Select Correct option 1. By passing the exam on your first try, you will be able to get a good job faster. Quite a lot 5. Induced noise comes from sources such as motors and other electronic appliances. Layer is a completely logical partition of PDU protocol data unit process.

Hardware & Networking Online Test

From our records, hardware networking courses are finding an increasing number of takers from the student community. What should you do?


Select correct option 1. What does EVGA oaper for? What does ACPI stand for? What is a node and links? Impulse noise comes from power lines, lightning etc. What does PCIX stand for?


Get Social with Us. What does RAID stand for? Select a unique ID 2.