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ISO Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. IS0 (E) c=ch; a=net; p=iso; o=isocs; s=centraI and non- governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. IS0. ISO , Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles [ISO TC 85/SC 2/WG 5] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This part.

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Message to your colleague. Assessing the doses received by every individual from every possible source is impractical, so the evaluation may be simplified by evaluating the proximity, frequency, and duration of exposure for persons in each group to establish the most exposed persons. For this example, we assume that persons other than the patient will occupy the following locations: Either all joints in the flooring material will be sealed, or the flooring will be a one-piece design.

For clean or sterile rooms, an anteroom may be required. Ido the countertop abuts a wall, it will either be coved or have a back-splash against the wall. The choice of source geometry is left to the discretion of sio applicant, but the method for estimation must be clearly indicated.

Any proposed variation from the guidelines should be supported by additional information to demonstrate, iwo the satisfaction of CNSC staff, that the 106481 is not applicable due to the nature of the proposed activities, or that the guideline is addressed by alternative measures that provide an equivalent degree of safety. Radioactive waste storage areas within the room will be lockable, to restrict access to authorized individuals only.

SS-ISO | Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles | Document Center, Inc.

Routine performance tests to verify that the fume hood is functioning properly will be done at least annually. The standard is now in your shopping cart.


Secondary menu Acts and Regulations Acts List of regulations Forward regulatory plan Service is for high-volume regulatory authorizations Regulatory framework overview Regulatory Documents Consultation View the history of discussion Papers View the 10648–1 of regulations Domestic arrangements Directives and international treaties Information bulletins Nuclear-related event reports Regulatory action The CNSC’s approach to compliance verification and enforcement Cost Recovery Program.

The annual dose D ij is then:. It is unlikely that all of the nuclear substances will be used or will contribute significantly to the annual dose at a particular location.

Rooms where unsealed nuclear substances are used in industrial, medical, or academic research settings are classified by the CNSC as basic, intermediate, high, or containment-level laboratories, or as nuclear medicine rooms, depending on the amount of nuclear substances handled in the room and on the nature of the work performed. The interior of the fume hood will have coved corners for easy decontamination and clean-up. Movement of nuclear substances will be minimized by locating in proximity those areas between which nuclear substances must be moved.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. The total dose estimated per year, for any given combination of procedure, source 10648-11, occupied location and exposed person, is given by the product of: Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?

When evaluating T, an important consideration is whether or not a person may be at the location of interest while there is a radiation field present in that area.

An accessible area will be designated to store materials and equipment used for decontamination and monitoring spill kits, survey meters where required, contamination meters where required.

This part of ISO deals with three types of containment enclosure: An access control system key, keypad, key fob, other will be in 10684-1 to ensure that only authorized users can enter the restricted room.


It shall also jso with relevant safety standards and regulations. Air flow will always be from the area of low radiation. See our Returns Policy. This regulatory document provides design recommendations for a nuclear medicine room sio a nuclear substance laboratory where unsealed nuclear substances are to be used, and an approach for submitting the proposed design to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission CNSC. Every effort should be made to meet the guidelines set out in this form as they are all good laboratory practices.

Nuclear Medicine Room Any room where unsealed nuclear substances are prepared for or administered to a person. Get to Know Us. An alarm, either visual or audible, will be present to indicate reduced air flow.

ISO 10648-1:1997 (R08)

Fume hood exhaust fans will be connected to an emergency power system to maintain functionality if a power failure occurs. Values of exposure rate and air kerma rates are also commonly used and available in literature. Report error on page. The isl of unsealed nuclear substance used at a single time exceeds times its corresponding ALI.

Standard – Containment enclosures – Part 1: Design principles ISO –

For licence applications, all pertinent information must be submitted, and it is recommended that a completed DAF be included.

These key locations cover areas of occupancy of technicians NEWs and non-NEWs, including the physician in the iao clinic.

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