Beam UV/VIS spectrometers from GBC. Cintra for powerful performance at entry level price. It is a true double beam spectrometer with low stray light. Consult GBC Scientific Equipment’s entire Cintra , , , catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ UV-Visible Spectrometers In , GBC enhanced its product range to include its newly developed Cintra , for powerful performance at entry level price.

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Versatile sample compartment with integrated accessory communications The Cintra series boasts a large sample For more information contact Palin Diagnostics. Twenty Five years later, the release of the 4th generation of the Cintra Family of UV-Vis spectrometers signifies a new generation of the highest performance true double beam spectrometers available on the market today.

There is no need for expensive add-on interfaces or structural extensions. GBC now produces the widest range of quality analytical instrumentation. Open the catalog to page 2. Cintraallows automation and has better specifications than ghc The Cintra is a true double beam, double monochromator spectrometer which offers the ultimate in resolution and sensitivity.

GBC Scientific Cintra Series | Forums | Questions | Discussions | Help | LabWrench

The sphere provides a transmission position, making it suitable for the measurement of turbid or scattering samples. The standard sample cell holder is the 1 x 1 which holds two industry-standard 10 mm cuvettes, one each in the sample and reference beams. High-efficiency all-reflective optics with a minimal optical component count ensures maximum light throughput, utilising a monochromator designed for maximum Unparalleled optical The Cintra family of instruments all have true double beam optics with a single detector providing excellent long-term stability.


These instruments offer versatility required for the diverse range of applications in today’s modern laboratory. These instruments offer versatility required for the diverse range of applications in today’s modern laboratory. Download brochure PDF 2, kb. Photometric linearity is now better than 1. GBC is a major Open the catalog to page Both these kits offer users the confidence that their instrument is maintained at peak performance levels and ensures integrity of results.

Cintraresearch grade instrument with variable slit width and enhanced UV performance. Stability, Accuracy and Reproducibility Outstanding Stability Forty overlaid measurements of the deuterium light source demonstrate the outstanding wavelength accuracy and reproducibility of the Cintra.

This true double beam spectrometer will suit routine lab work or more advanced applications reaching into the NIR regions.

Cintra 1010

Cylindrical cell holder gbf a simple spring clip action holds cells of up to mm path length. The wide dynamic range and excellent other optical specifications make the Cintra the best performing UV instruments in it’s price range allowing for the most demanding applications.


The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Used 1100 a flow cell various types availablesample introduction is reduced to a key press. These filters are ideal for quality control laboratories where such standards are required for long term evaluation of the photometric accuracy of a UV-Visible spectrometer.

Variable path length holder for rectangular cells with path lengths of 5 to mm.

Dual Beam Spectrometers

It may be used for analysis of single samples, in normal cuvettes. Cintratrue double monochromator with outstanding specifications for best performance. Unlike some instruments which use a premonochromatorand a main monochromator, the Cintra uses two Littrow monochromators in a Czerny-Turner arrangement. It cintrq a variable slit width from 0. Water-thermostattable cell holders are available in single cell or sample changer linear or carousel configurations.

The Cintra is a budget priced entry level instrument. November 25 th0 Replies Post a Reply. Just drop in the accessory and start analysing. Change over is quick and easy with accessories being automatically recognized by the software.

Sample selection is automated by the software.