Welcome to SAP SCM APO Global Available To Promise Wiki space. This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SCM APO Global. This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for analyzing sales order confirmation scenario from a Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) perspective in SAP. Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the.

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Be able to set up master data objects for the supply network. Structure To support the analysis listed above, the structure of this view hierarchy contains the following reuse views: Notice that I have to declare the areas listed above.

SAP Library – Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP)

Much like CTM, a specific customer is allocated inventory or production capacity. Rules based AC has a number of configuration settings which include: How would you describe the pace of work at Arthur Lawrence? Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed.

Drive technical standards for SAP connections to legacy and external A very large part of GATP is related to backorder processing. However, in most cases, a single product usually has one checking horizon, and groups of products usually have the same checking horizon. Hi Satish, Quite informative blog. Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, product allocation group, product allocation procedure, product allocation procedure index, and so on.


What this type of AC should have gafp called is a planned stock AC.

what is GATP?

Therefore this is a good place to start in attempting to understand GATP availability checking. An ATP tree structure contains, among other things, the requirements data dates, quantities and sources of supply for the required finished products and components.

Full-time 11 Contract 7. Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, product, location, customer, and so on. This article describes a novel way of using allocations that are created in GATP to model supplier capacity. December 15, at Third-party order processing is one of the most interesting aspects of GATP.

Introduction to SAP GATP aka Global Available to Promise

Four Characteristics of Check Modes The Asp Modes are made up of four characteristics, although in most cases it is really three characteristics as rounding profiles are rarely used. The basic idea of backorder processing is to carry out a new ATP check for a set of order items.

There are several ways to run availability checking. Satish Waghmare Post author. Availability checking is the standard functionality gap SD.

When the Check is Performed Next is when the check is to be performed, that is the Product Check, the Product Allocation that is against an allocation, or during Planning.

Can you provide an overview of the requirements that underwent substitution by rules-based ATP check?

The scheduling starts from the requested delivery date and time. If it is not available, a new delayed ssp date is proposed. Know how to design the supply network for complex and non-standard workflows, such as planning locations that are external to the supply network.


There are many moreā€¦. The major areas include the following:. A few reasons for the general opaqueness of the application include the following: ProductAllocationProcedure This reuse view provides information on the product allocation group name and product allocation procedure name.

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Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview | SAP Blogs

Number of days that prevents a requirement using receipt and stock that are too early. It provides a return date and quantity on planned sales orders, which leads to a distinction that should be understood.

This article is free, we do not answer questions for free. Below this is the Rules Based Avail Check section. These views are built on the Sales Order business object.

Defines how the AC considers pegging relationships Forecast: Your document helped me a lot to get basic understanding on gATP. Using rules-based ATP it is possible to substitute both the location and the product. However, if implemented correctly, GATP can provide a significant advantage to your company.