This is the kind of discussion you have when you play F.A.T.A.L.. Then there’s an oddly detailed but rules-light couple of pages on various. From the back cover F.A.T.A.L. is a role-playing game like no other. It has been nicknamed “The date-rape RPG where there are no rules for dating”. Currently. From the back cover F.A.T.A.L. is a role-playing game like no other. The largest Be wary, play F.A.T.A.L. if you dare. Core Rules (min needed to play).

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Seriously, there’s like 40 pages of nearly identical tables after the stats section for these skill modifiers.

Meantime, here is my sole orangey upvote. This whole fiasco was his fault. Magical items range from the mostly useless, to the suicidally dangerous, to the completely insane. Yeah, you’re going to stick him real good, right in his liver. The current page is some kind of time portal to the 90’s. This was the best read ever. Long but extremely skinny.

O-ok, I just want to stop now We were changed forever, but we survived. There’s even a big full-page table on why having each temperment makes you an asshole when you talk to people. All of this was approaching 10 years ago.

Like I said it’s been years. This is from the base of the dong on top, not from the base of the scrotum, as the game tells you.

This whole thing is because of YOU!! Resources Find the right game for you! At this point it was getting stupid and irritating rukebook insanely detailed our record of the characters’ bodies were.


Let me explain to you what HP really represent, fahal than just how many hits from a sword you can take:. Our Anakim he of the pencildick had a score of about so I tried I really did, I spent about an hour reading that review. Add a copy to your collection.


You must give us the run-down on what happens after this game! I’m sure I left out or screwed up a lot of things, it’s been years since this happened and I wrote it based on my memory.

Don’t read this review. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. You could have heard a pin drop for about 2 seconds and then laughter and chaos. We spent some time discussing the problems that condom makers would have in F. The game’s creators, not to be outdone, turned their ability to totally miss the point on full blast and showed the world a level of detail-obsessed pedantry that had been previously considered impossible.

I laughed until I had tears running down my face. My stopping point for the night: You try to control yourself, but the pleasure is too much.

F.A.T.A.L. | RPG Item | RPGGeek

The point is, your skill at combat is what saved your life from that blow. And the guy who rolled ‘slave’ as his family status but had no restrictions on equipment for his class, so started the game with a warship By the way, I meant this not in the sense of “oh cool, that’s something so trashy I want to play too!

I am saying that he’s by way of analogy focusing on Rick Santorum’s shit-eating grin instead of the things he says. Imagine what the room was like trying to get 10 people who’d never played this game to roll that many dice and do that much math in their heads or longhand. I am half curious to find a copy now to threaten my group with. The character sheet is eleven pages long.


More Information Edit History. I lost my shit at several points at this. The players looked haggard and depressed. You’ll be better off for the rest of your life if you do, I’m not kidding. The game was apparently revised and given a new name for the acronym. Once I got them calmed down they all rolled for that modified by race of course then areaola color and hue, then cup size and nipple length. What, you skipped over the mental diseases and classes! We were all surprised that a game that spends so much time on sexual characteristics and seems to have some in-built misogyny wouldn’t have a “manhood special features” table for bends or interesting freckles.

No Web Links Found. THEN you have to roll for other things like your height and weight and then calculate your BMI based on thosemost and least attractive features, hair color, skin color, visual acuity, age which also acts as a modifier for all those abilities and sub-abilities, forcing you to go back and change all those stats againa check to see if your Intelligence score is low enough to qualify for ” Retard Strength ” bonuses, birthday, social class, birthplace, number of siblings, and marital status.

Instant kill he actually wore the character around like a condom for the rest of the encounter. An example of a few spells follows; italicized spell names are ceremonial magic, and everything else is chaos magic:.

The rest of it will haunt my waking dreams and give me a sense of fear and nausea every time I see a d