HP EVA P Storage is an enterprise class virtual storage array family for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in. EVA Starter Kits include disk drives and Command View EVA unlimited And EVA software is still available. QuickSpecs. HP Enterprise Virtual Array . Link to QuickSpecs The EVA / family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability.

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Automated thin provisioning reduces management requirements associated with disk provisioning, and consolidates management within a single, standards-compliant command console. HP Replication Solutions HP P Business Copy software comes complete with HP Replication Solutions Manager software, a Manager graphical User graphical user interface and quickspcs environment, that greatly simplifies storage management by creating, running, and managing storage replication jobs using controller based snapshots and clones.

Within a few seconds of when the Snapclone is taken, the entire clone copy is available for use. P software licenses are not transferable from one array to another.

The result is that a Vsnap is a true space-efficient copy where capacity is not wasted reserving space. Designed for the enterprise market, DC-Management Software uses advanced automation to automatically “right-size” the evz6400 file system and the EVA P Vdisk storage volume to the needs of an application.

In both Windows and Linux configurations, km or up to 20 ms support roundtrip delay furnishing protection from any single site event.

When running Command View 9. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Windows management server supported. If none of our support recommendations meet your needs, we can tailor a service evw6400 for your unique support requirements.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

RSM manages all local and remote replication configurations, as well as, replication features across the full EVA P Storage array product line. Synchronous mirroring ensures that data copies are identical, to prevent critical data loss in the event of a failure or disaster.

  DIN 18015-1 PDF

Not only is managing replication easier, it also results in the ability to make replication: Performance Advisor quckspecs a dashboard display with live and historical performance data and also highlights performance data that require user attention.

HP P Command View v Disk capacity is reserved to accommodate the original size of the source volume. Choose the right level of support, deployment and integration services HP support recommendations are designed to help you enhance technology quickspdcs and lower risk-and make it easier for you to seek the right balance between affordability and service-level commitments.

No-single-point-of-failure solution to increase the availability of company and customer data Metropolitan distance Distance supported is determined by Continuous Access EVA relay latency parameters. HP Cluster Extension Software Overview What’s New Models HP Cluster Extension Software offers protection against application downtime from fault, failure, or site disaster by extending a local cluster between data centers over metropolitan distance.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

Users can also manage both local and remote replication tasks through the use of HP Replication Solutions Manager graphical user interface described in the next section. The replication solutions manager manages all local and remote replication features across the full P family. Protect your business beyond warranty Warranty protects against manufacturer defects, however warranty uplifts, such as HP Care Pack Services protect the business-by reducing downtime risks and providing operational consistency for missioncritical and standard business computing.

Second, thin provisioning eliminates losing capacity to stranded storage.

These efficiencies allow managers to defer disk purchases-in some cases, for several quarters-to some point in the future sva6400 both disk prices and the net present value of budgets are likely to be lower.

These solutions, especially when integrated with applications quickspece HP Data Protector, simplify storage management activities, improve capacity utilization, automate backups and data protection, and utilize your IT staff and resources better.


Single path configurations are supported. Integrates with Windows Active Directory. Best practice suggest P Command View Software also provides secure storage LUNs against unauthorized access so business data assets are safe.

Because more disk space is available, data that was once spread over multiple silos within the data center and beyond can be consolidated onto fewer arrays. This requires little operator intervention, reduces the risks historically associated with moving data, and reduces performance slowdowns. Refer the P EVA software compatibility guide for the exact firmware versions supported and other limitations All P software products offer only frame based licenses; only one license is required to enable software on an array irrespective of capacity on that array.

HP recommends purchasing electronic products over physical products when available for faster delivery and the convenience of not having to manage-either file away or throw away-confidential paper licenses.

Our integrated portfolio of Services for storage help customers reduce costs, optimize data, streamline storage management, and improve backup and eav6400. By virtually removing the complexity associated with both small and large replication environments, point-in-time copies and remote replication are managed and configured with just a few mouse clicks.


In addition Command View also provides audit logging capability of user actions and events that change the system state. HP Cluster Extension is licensed per server. No Single Point of failure Supreme redundancy: Performance Advisor software provides advanced reporting and charting options to define and monitor key performance indicators. Only HP brings together deep expertise, proactive and business critical support and a strong partner network-plus, a full set of infrastructure services designed to power a Converged Infrastructure.