The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana has ratings and 16 reviews. Lori said: This book is big. Really big. Vastly and hugely big. You may think it. Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Any work that sets out to call itself an “encyclopedia” of anything is immediately setting. When approaching any massive encyclopedic reference work such as Jess Nevins’s The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, one of the first things to do is look.

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Huge amounts of painstaking research have clearly gone into this book eight years, according to the acknowledgements pageand the clarity of the author’s understanding shines through. The result is a truly massive book. Aug 01, Patrick rated it it was amazing. Having already spent years amassing enough books to stun vantastic team of oxen in its tracks, realized what his life mission must be when he read that author Umberto Eco actually had to switch apartments because his old home could no longer support the weight of all his books.

Probably the most amazing collection of Victorian “pulp” fiction references available.

I can scarcely imagine the amount of time and energy that went into this work, and it is a very complete reference. Despite Nevins’somewhat apologetic note regarding being subjective, it is my opinion that that is the only way by which the Victorian literature can be made vivid enough to oversome the fog and gaslight.

Strange Horizons – The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins By Tim Phipps

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. May 17, Landon rated it liked it. Its statedly written in a personal opinion matter which is actually preferable and engaging for my kind of reading – it reads more like a conversation with or lecture by Nevins as opposed to a collection of dry summaries.

It is not exactly a reference work; rather, to the victoriaa that it is one, it’s a poor one. Sep 06, Joseph Teller rated it really liked it Shelves: To the casual reader or observer, it sometimes may seem that the twentieth century was the time of real blossoming in terms of the Fantastic in literature: I really like this book and all of stories it references that I had never read or even heard of.


How I do fantaatic on thee!

Jess Nevins’ The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

The author makes numerous judgement calls and critical reviews throughout the book many of which are quite funnybut expressing his opinion so openly may irk some readers. There’s a distinction to be made between the expectation created by the word “encyclopedia” ie, that it is to be consulted and the actual pleasure that can be derived from just reading through Fantastic Victoriana.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Frankly, it’s a bit of luck that I was forced to buy it in Kindle format, as I can, at least, search the document for victiriana.

I would hate to imagine trying to actually use the hardcopy version of it as an actual reference book. A thick, beautiful, well-researched comprehensive look at British enccyclopedia European sci-fi, pulp and fantasy in the Victorian vlctoriana.

Despite the fact that the entries are in alphabetical order, there’s just no predicting where you should look for a given character, location, or work, a fact that wouldn’t be quite so vexing if the book had an index, which, sadly, it does not. Be the first to ask a question about The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana. There victorisna, however, an entry for “Hyde, Edmund.

I held onto this book for a good couple of months before reviewing it. Sima rated it it was amazing Feb 19, No mention is made of the cultural significance of most of the characters mentioned within, either in other books later on or in other media to come. Warren Smit rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Any work that sets out to call itself an “encyclopedia” of anything is immediately setting itself up as authoritative and, by its nature, definitive.

Learn from it and enjoy it.

In the thousand-odd pages between the covers, Nevins has opted for a variety of styles of entry. No, is the short answer.

While vivtoriana at it, it’s worth mentioning that those two examples give an indication of the problem with using this book as a casual reference work—the inconsistency of the referencing schema.


Mike Paine rated it really liked it Dec 18, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Oh, and reading those books. Proudly powered by WordPress.

Steve rated it liked it Sep 11, Vastly and hugely big. The encyclopedia could not possibly have been such a smooth read if it were strictly a collection of characters, or books, or tropes, or any one thing at all, but it is, in fact, a fantadtic – a pleasant melange, encycloledia a melange all the same.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Nevins isn’t afraid to give his own perspective on the validity of these interpretations and does so without being dismissive of them—for the curious, he comes down on the side of evolutionary throwback but caveats this with the assertion that the text isn’t really one that stands up to close allegorical scrutiny. Like Moorcock, I don’t agree with all of Nevins’s views.

Holy CRAP this book is amazing. Jess knows his Victorina book is big. For anyone else wondering, enccyclopedia joke is that he’s not very tall. Dec 27, Lori Holuta rated it it was amazing. Wells, to Russian newspaper serials and Chinese martial arts novels, The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana is a truly exhaustive look at every aspect of fantastic literature in the days of Queen Victoria.

If Fantastic Victoriana were fantastiic encyclopedia in the mould of, say, Britannica —that of a reference work to be consulted periodically for homework or the resolution to a bet in the pub—the referencing fantastc would be a far more important issue. Trivia About The Encyclopedia Highly recommended to Sherlockians and students of the Victorian pop literature scene alike! He suspects that only people who know him enyclopedia get the joke in the second half of that sentence.

Sometimes he summarizes the story in which a character appears, sometimes he spends the majority of an entry discussing the subject’s role in literary history, and so on. Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Lists with This Book.