I can watch live TV in DVBviewer using Hadu. and that I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. If anyone can give me a descripton of how to configure this I would be very grateful. 3 شباط (فبراير) How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server. I am using Hadu in my dvbdream plugin direcory. If you have figured out how to make cccam work with dvb card please could be kind to.

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But if you want to use them they have to be numbered seamlessly starting with 1. It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server.

If not checked, it will take data obtained from the DVB software. The default option is still to display the IP Address see DisplayIPorURL option-the refresh time for the Server infos has been set to 4 seconds, -bug fix concerning the node disconnection treatment, -still another bug fix for incorrect accepting of some certain kind of nodes, -an ECM timeout option has been added see ECMTimOut option.

If something is wrong within the main steps I’ve given as a sample, please explain at which step you’ve got troubles, and which kind of troubles.

It can be the directory of the software i. You dvbbviewer of course still modify the client version sent to the server see “Version” option-minor modification into the possible levels of informations to log see “LogMessLevel” option-display of the “Server Infos” window has been optimized it’s now a bit more reactive, while using less CPU resources-an option has been added when Hadu is used within the DVBViewer recording session.

Same as “Log Messages” option in the main menu. As for Sssp, it’s always possible to change it using the “DescrCommand” option into the “[Device]” section of Hadu.


How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) using DVBViewer Recoding Service

Password for the user. Chose Cima channel for three client. Switch to an encrypted channel you can decode with your server.

A null value indicates no limits. Server active or not active. I’m surprised there’s so little information returned by Google on this subject. Furthermore, when activated these features are displayed at the bottom of the “Server Infos” window, as for the build of the OSCAM server, -2 new features have been added: So you have to be careful and only put one or two plugins ohwto folder otherwise the system load can get extremely high! After that client 1 Choose Aflam1.

I set up one account for each jowto and used a different one in each Hadu. Flag to display some CSA statistics in the Monitor window.

Its main use is to detect when a given channel change: The problem is using the Recording Service. A non active server cannot be started. However, a manual start is always processed immediately, regardless of the current delay between 2 restart calls, -various internal bug fixes and minor modifications, -complement of informations in some parts of the readme.

It is recommended not to modify the default value for this option. After fidding with the CCCam. Avoid the solution SoftCSA. Don’t howtoo it unless absolutely necessary, especially for HD channels.

Hadu – CCCam DVB plugin

Data in the “Server Infos” window are refreshed each 2 seconds. MyPas sword, where -CCCam: Hadu has its own TT Trick implemented. Thanks so much for posting this. Hi HaduSer will not install or work at all on my windows 7 double click does nothing,My problem is dvbviewer runs ok and will record ok with clear channels and encrypted yowto but my Hoato services will only record clear channels. So i tested today and finaly dvbvjewer on altdvb. Then comes the different parameters for the server.


Double-clicking on an server will display the “Server Infos” window see hereafter. The time now is Flag to use the TT Trick. There is no need that all folders exists. Furthermore, the size of the columns for the different lists of these windows is now also saved, -it’s now possible to sort the nodes list into the Server Infos window for some columns, -reject of null DCWs processed as ‘No decoding’-some other bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Note that this option may have a negative impact on the response time. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s really possible to be connected twice using the same IP address dvhviewer 2 different clients, at the same time; though I’m not quite sure for this constraint.

Hadu will now stop and re-start the server session, after a few ECM answers when having received this message.

Entries are separated using a comma character. By this set the three client will be able to see encryption channel. So, if it’s really working for you in all situations i.

In this case, the command to return DCWs to the application is modified i. By default, you should set all of them to 0 at least to make your tests. A warning is eventually displayed about possible such kind of servers in the Server Infos window, -size for Monitor gowto Server Infos windows saved into Hadu.

The “Monitor” and “Server Infos” windows are also now resizeable only the horizontal sizing is used; mainly to have a wider area for the lists of data-choice to display IP Address or URL in the Server list has been added. But you can still return to the former way i.

You’ll have to manually modify your current Hadu.