The first thing you’ll do is create a submission form or a call for submissions or applications. To do this, select the Forms page from the navigation bar in your. The first step of the submission process is to create a Submittable account, or sign in to your existing account. When creating an account, you will be asked for . Watch a short, instructional video on How to Create a Review Form In addition to our basic Yes/No/Maybe rating system, Submittable offers the ability for.

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Copy and paste your link code from the box located at the bottom of the Forms page.

Update Spreadsheet Row Update a row in a specific spreadsheet. Select the Receive an email alert for each submission checkbox if you want your organization to be notified by email whenever someone submits to this category. Click the Save Form button.

See All Salesforce Integrations. Interested in following Submittable on social media? Once the review form is live, reviewers will see a Reviews tab in the Submission Details page. New Opportunity Triggers when a new opportunity is created.

Other Ways to Connect Salesforce. Or, go directly to the Forgot Password page.

To learn more, see our help article about Discover. Read more on Response Templates. Read more about Blind levels. You can continue to create more submission forms as needed by repeating the above steps.


How do I create or edit a submission form?

Submitgable Form Designer is where you create the submission form that your submitters will complete. To create or edit a submission form, click on Forms at the top of the pagewhich shows a list of your existing forms.

Scroll down and click the Add files button in the File Upload field.

By default, your review form is pre-populated with sample fields for you to customize. Create Custom Object Create a new custom object of the type you choose.

Save new accepted Submittable submission data to Google Sheets Your accepted Submittable submissions are the most important of the lot received.

Get Started—Use This Zap! How do I create a review form? Create Contact Create a new contact. Sign in tab to sign in to your account. Salesforce is your company’s hub for all contacts—it’s where you turn when you need to learn someone’s email or phone number or read past relationship notes. Shbmittable export review data for an submiittable form, go to the ‘Forms’ tab and hover your mouse over the form for which you want to export data.

Google Sheets + Submittable Integrations

Did this answer your question? If you would like to offer submitters the option to purchase a subscription, submmittable, merchandise, or other payable goods or services, optionally enter one or more Add-on Payments.

You can set up a default response for each form. Submittable is a submission management platform used to accept, review, and make decisions on any kind of digital content from any device.


Why do I need a Submittable account to make a submission? | Submittable Help Center

Submittable allows for multiple files to be uploaded during a submission. Submitters do not need to sign up for a Submittable subscription at www. We post deadlines for writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists regularly on Submtitable and our blog. Sometimes doing so can mean manually entering pages of information into your CRM.

Did this answer your question? You can also specify the maximum number of files from 1 to 75 that submitters are allowed to upload. It’s important to keep tabs on your business relationships, both those that are low- and high-touch.

How do I create or edit a submission form? | Submittable Help Center

Optionally enter a Starts On and Expires On date to automatically open and close your form to submissions on the specified dates. You can create as many submission forms as you want. Are you crdate to find your productivity superpowers? Written by Asta So Updated over a week ago. Choose the number of files you would like to allow the submitter to upload.

For more information, see our help article on submission statuses.