dBase, including a visual debugger, structured exceptions, RDD (a type of market for Windows and programming acquired Nantucket because of VO (Visual . dBase (also stylized dBASE) was one of the first database management systems for Visual dBASE Language Reference (MB ZIP) BDE UPDATE. A study of database program development for business applications using Visual dBase. Topics include table creation, data manipulation, forms, reports, labels.

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Oracle programmers and developers will quickly learn the basics and advanced topics of Oracle. The key is through the Registry!

US dollar (USD)

As an advanced user, you’ll find the most in-depth and exhaustive explanations to all of cougs operating problems. Peter Norton’s Guide to Java Programming serves as a complete reference for those who are new to the world of programming and those who make their living at it. With the consistent growth of the World Wide Web, many corporations are now using internal Web servers, or.

If you want to develop practical, productive applications using Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95, this hands-on tutorial is for you. Turn to the chapter on that subject, complete the workshop, and you’re done! Special Edition Using Visual Studio is a complete reference and tutorial for developers who want to learn the new tools and features of this programming suite.

Que’s Special Edition Using JScript is a jam-packed guide, featuring numerous tips, tricks, and secrets to this powerful new language. Users will find all the information they need to master all aspects of HTML. Special coverage is given to Web application development and multimedia Web development techniques that enable you to build professional Web sites to modern browser standards.

Learn about the latest interactive technology such as chatting and audio and video conferencing. Quicken 6-in-1 will support the best of what loyal users want to know about Quicken, while also trying to reach a newer audience. You’ve mastered Java and now you’re hungry for the good stuff — the advanced techniques that separate the applets from the applications.


Platinum Edition Using Windows 98 is the premier expert-level reference available today. You’ll learn how to secure your environment, implement troubleshooting programs, run an intranet, conduct vixual on the server and vjsual.

By Ned Shell Publisher: This hands-on, step-by-step guide provides you with the detailed information necessary to run any combination of Microsoft BackOffice products smoothly and efficiently.

Michael Van Hoozer Publisher: This unique scripting language from Microsoft is taught with clarity and precision, providing the reader with the best and latest information on this popular language. Perl 5 by Example is the one resource you won’t want to miss for building expert programming sbase. Easy-to-understand examples and exercises, this book leads the way to quick programming success.

Contains key information about Windows NT, Web site administration, Web site development, networking, BackOffice integration, and much more. Learn how to viisual and configure Linux; Explore the latest version of Slackware; Check out the newest Java and JavaScript programming capabilities. Users will be take step by step through the learning process!

This book presents information on what Cafe is and how to use cors to develop programs for the Internet. Get all the information you need to master programming with Java!

Shows how to develop robust, sophisticated Informix applications. Microsoft Exchange Server Dbasw Guide is your survival kit to managing an Exchange server in the real world. Now more than ever, it is imperative that users be able to protect their system from hackers trashing vishal Web sites or stealing information. Non-technical, no-nonsense approach in plain English, Bite-sized information for quick and easy reference, Simple, yet complete, advice to ensure your success, Real-world analogies to help you understand new concepts.

Teach Yourself the Internet in 24 Hours puts the power of the Internet at your command. How To Program Visual Basic 5.


PowerBuilder 6 Unleashed provides a large array of information in a variety of areas: It is intended for non-technical people, and will be equally of value to users on the Macintosh, Wi. Find out how vieual utilize OLE dbasee OCX controls; convert a plug-in for use with other browsers; and master important design issues that must be considered when building a good plug-in. Stop wading through pages of introductory material to learn how to add interactivity to Web pages with JavaScript!

Includes coverage of popular Web authoring tools, databases, and utilities. With this book, you will become familiar with key topics necessary to run Exchange efficiently and securely.

A team of expert authors guides you through the fundamentals of the Internet. Navigate the Web and find your favorite places; use helper applications to take full advantage of interactive sites; configure Windows 95 for Internet use; enhance your Web pages with HTML 3.

Setting up your own charts and visuql using pivot tables; creating your own outlines; editing workbooks; managing multiple files with ease; applying a variety of formatting to spreadsheet elements; working with databases; linking and embedding data; working with scenarios; customizing Excel 97; and more! It will enable all the small businesses that wish to use the Internet to level the playing fieldto employ the same winning techniques used by the big guys.

Using expert advice, real-world tutorials, and step-by-step instructions, you’ll build a solid u. Unleash the power of Domino; Find out how to use Lotus Notes 4. This guide is your personal consultant for dynamic Web page creation.

Computer Reference : Personal Bookshelf : Ebook List

It includes advanced troubleshooting and perfor. Migrating to NetWare 4. This book, written by a system administrator for system administrators, gives you behind-the-scenes solutions to Apache Server administration.