Confessions of a Video Vixen is a memoir written by Karrine Steffans which details the first 25 years of her life. Part tell-all covering her sexual liaisons with. Confessions of a Video Vixen has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: Written with a shoddiness that defies the laws of imagination and gravity. I. Steffans not only offers scandalous details but names names in a book called ” Confessions of a Video Vixen,” scheduled to be in stores next.

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I have no excuse. Look, I read this book when it came out because I’m a woman and a fan of hip hop.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

It was more of a physical connection with him, he cared about her son and he wanted her to make it in life without having to rely on a man. Steffans said she was particularly bothered by her inability to see her relationships for exactly what they were: No one was exposed as a closet homosexual, and I didn’t find any of her tales to be remotely “kinky” or weird.

She really didn’t get that at the time, which makes her naive to a point that I personally could hardly relate. I’m not sure why people give this book such shitty reviews. Her stories, true or not, may prove so embarrassing that no celebrity would want them aired in court. My legs were wrapped around his waist and just before his body was to merge with mine, I noticed his upper right chest.


I guess thats what they call call turning shit to sugar!!!!

Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans

She has got to be kidding me. I feel bad for Ja Rule. Everything that I read disgusted me. I’d gladly read the sequel to this book. Nerves may be starting to fray in the bitter divorce of publishing heir John Bunky Hearst and his estranged wife, Barbara.

Even now, she never seems to question whether she loved these boys, only whether they felt anything back. Bunky split not hunky-dory. Their handlers can at least take comfort in knowing that after years of self-destructive star-chasing, Steffans now says, “I am my own woman and look for no one to complete me.

I mean – what preteen wallflower wouldn’t want to party with P. Originally published in by Amistadan imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, the book was immediately a New York Times bestseller. I can only imagine the lives she ruined.

She was a fascinating creature in that moment. But she worried for steeffans mental health during a frantic encounter where “he told me he was a member of Al Qaeda and that President Bush was looking for him. There is physical abuse, rape and drugs, but through it all, Steffans does not appear to have learned any valuable lessons.


My favorite character in this book is ice cube. But for all the drama and action Steffans describes, the writing is humorless confesssions unexciting.

I didn’t read it then because even though I’m an avid hip hop fan, I am not gay, so therefore completely uninterested in the sexual escapades of my favorite rappers. Steffans claims to have written this tale to warn other young girls against a similar fate. Jul 08, Jeff rated it it was ok.

In all, I don’t think the book was that bad. If your going to judge her, judge the many setffans who helped her live the life she lived.

More confessions of ‘Video Vixen’ Karrine Steffans – NY Daily News

Steffans is a simple agent of unchecked and irrational desire. The print features two young girls, one of whom has her legs wide apart. IN the world of hip-hop secrets are sacred. Many emotions ran through my head as reading this book. I think that I have sold so much of myself for so little. Is it possible to give a book 0 stars?