To a Mountain in Tibet [Colin Thubron] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Colin Thubron is the intrepid, resourceful and immensely talented. There is a telling moment in one of Colin Thubron’s early films. He is travelling with a BBC crew along the Silk Road in China when he. Colin Thubron joins these pilgrims, after an arduous trek from Nepal, through the high passes of Tibet, to the magical lakes beneath the slopes.

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Kailas shortly after his mother died. It felt it more like a litany of rambli I was looking forward to this book as I love things relating to the Tibetan culture.

To a Mountain in Tibet

Yet another set of cruel and q justified stories of the annexation of Tibet by China. In the hermit’s cave, Thubron notes a spent noodle carton, peeling Sellotape and a torch without a battery. Thubron conjures the wobble of a tin bridge over a torrent, the “cathedral shadow” of spruce and prickly oak and the two-note song of a Himalayan cuckoo over smooth grasslands.

But the God of Death dwells on thuhron mountain. He tells a monk that his understanding of Buddhism is that, at death, everything is shed. Sometimes what was written for a day echoes in your head as if forever. Even a beast — yak or pony — gets half the merit if ridden.

I was looking forward to this book as I love things relating to the Tibetan culture. He walks over passes through the Himalayas, crosses into Tibet, and arrives ultimately at the foot of Kailas. Compared with most of his contemporaries, Thubron has, throughout a garlanded career as a grandmaster of the travel game, taken trouble to construct an tl persona — throwing up a smokescreen, if you like.

For those with the tenacity to complete circuits during their lifetime, the cycle of reincarnation comes immediately to an end, and the tiet enters nirvana. Thubron admits he has absorbed the romance. Kailas Now in his seventies, famed travel writer Colin Thubron left his wife and home in England and trekked to a holy mountain in Tibet from Nepal. It may never be climbed. tibt


It is so light, it could fly. Mar 17, Amber rated it really liked it. A few monasteries still survive after the Cultural Revolution; the Chinese now allow a limited number of pilgrims access to the mountain, but by no means make it easy.

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron: review – Telegraph

They will leave nothing material behind them to be divided, claimed or loved. Thubron makes the ascent, along with hundreds of pilgrims heading to a zone of “charged sanctity” to find peace with their own dead. Misschien was het de confrontatie met zijn eigen sterfelijkheid die hem op expeditie zette naar de heiligste berg: View all 3 comments.

There is a mountain in Western Tibet — far off the usual tourist routes around Lhasa — that is considered sacred by Buddhists, Hindus especially worshipers of ShivaBons, and other Asian religions. Some, with the tibef of mountain folk, can hike the 32 mile circuit in a day. Thubron describes in detail, throughout his trek, the cosmic views held by Buddhists and to a lesser degree, Hindus.

The trek is not easy, but it follows well known trails; Western trekking companies routinely lead treks to the holy mountain.

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron. He was charming and I enjoyed listening to him a great deal so it made me want to read his books even more. It is a very tough pilgrimage: In many ways, all Thubron’s books celebrate the terrible, pitiful, beautiful human condition. Emerging abruptly from the flat western Tibetan plateau, over 1, miles from Lhasa, it is an iconic mountain of spiritual purity.

Understandings that Thubron would like to come to himself, but cannot. Be the first to ask a question about To a Mountain in Tibet.

To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron: review

Sky burial, which is too often romanticized for an example read: Along the “kora” as it is known to the thousands of pilgrims who seek redemption along this circumnavigation around the holy mountain, we meet the many gods, deities, fairies and the like who inhabit almost every crag and peak along the way.

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And yet, to read this book is to gain a sense of the sacredness of the space traversed, and the changes wrought by time and political change. Buddhists interpretations of the soul, the sometimes sordid and almost always thubro reality of the temples cannot help Thubron understand his place in the world, or the meaning of death.

Travelling on foot with a cook, a guide and a horse man, Thubron sets out from Humla, the remotest of the Nepalese regions. A peak that has never been scaled, but a mountain that has witnessed the circumambulation of scores of pilgrims across centuries. It feels very intimidating and reminiscent Simply a stunning book. Halfway through the book I learned that the 22, foot Mount Kailas h has z been scaled, so a full ascent was eliminated as a possibility.

Although only 22, feet high, quite low by Himalayan standards, no climber has ever stood cloin its summit except, apocryphally, a mystic in ancient times. Resident authors can present deeper portraits of the people and places. Juniper and birdsong diminish, and the band camps below the 15,ft Nara Pass defile into Tibet.

Buddhist texts similarly reveal the pagan gods of the mountain converting to Buddhism and dispatching a multitude of flying bodhisattvas — saints who have delayed entry to nirvana to help others — to protect the furthest crags, lighting up the mountain with their compassion.

You can’t ask more of a book than that, can you? This book, I have been looking forward to reading, but it feels a little different to the Thubron I remember. Good enough for me 3. The monks, who have been praying in a seated line for hours, advance in a consecrating procession.

Misschien was het de confronta Colin Thubron is een oude reiziger. The slopes turn black with granite, and the mountain’s lower ridges break into unstable spikes and revetments.