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Just to indicate those pastimes, I am presenting a general survey of the chief pastimes in the form of a synopsis. His lamentation knew no bounds. Let the power of Your mercy be exhibited throughout the entire universe! At the end of summer Madhavendra Caitsnya returned to Jagannatha Puriwhere he remained with great pleasure during the whole caitwnya of Caturmasya. Now I have given only a brief reference. That is my desire.

When all of the devotees saw the mercy of the Lord upon the two brothers, they were very much gladdened, and they began to chant the holy name of the Lord, ” Hari! Therefore I am praying to the Lord for His causeless mercy upon me.

Srila Prabhupada’s Original Books

We wish that these lotus feet may also be awakened within our hearts, although we are only ordinary persons engaged in household affairs. For twenty consecutive years this meeting took place, and the situation became so intense that the Lord and the devotees could not be happy without meeting one another.

The Lord czritamrta enjoyed His pastimes continuously for six years, experiencing varieties of transcendental bliss. Better that you question your own mind. The Lord traveled all over India for six years. Who can understand the purport of such pastimes? Fortunately, that holy name became the cause of their deliverance. Now, O devotees, please hear a brief explanation of this verse. By His blessings, you will attain victory everywhere.


And lipa to speak of giving them up! Because you are the King of the people, you are the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Caritamrha are the same moonlit nights of the month of Caitra.

When the devotees followed Him, He humbly begged them pila remain and bade them all farewell. I offer my humble obeisances unto Them. This village is situated on the border of Bengal and is very exquisite. This was His first acceptance of alms. Yet since we have heard of Your transcendental qualities, we are very much attracted to You.

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This is the first synopsis: No one knows My intentions. Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters. A nonvegetarian diet means fish and meat. Almost caitamya one could understand the meaning of that verse. They would remain there for four continuous months and enjoy the company of the Lord.

Although we are completely unfit, a desire to receive Your mercy is awakening within our minds. All the devotees of the Lord refer to His pastimes according to these divisions. Indeed, they gathered so much that many holes were created in the road.

If You are not merciful upon us, then it will be very, very difficult to find more suitable candidates for Your mercy. The period ends in the month of Karttika October-November on the Ekadasi day known as Cairanya – ekadasiin the fortnight of the waxing moon.


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Raising His arms, the Lord asked everyone to chant loudly the vibration of the holy name of Lord Hari. When shall I engage as Your permanent eternal servant and always feel joyful to have such a fitting master? That was His regular practice. What are they saying? Therefore we cannot introduce ourselves to You.

Thus the atmosphere was not congenial for Their meeting. There were various birds chirping, and the water was exactly like nectar. Rather, there is simply loss. All of you will come to know of this later, but I now say this with great assurance.

The Muslim King ordered the magistrate, “Do not disturb this Hindu prophet out of jealousy. Wherever the Lord visited, crowds of innumerable people came to see Him. We are more degraded, fallen and sinful than they. In great humility, both brothers took bunches of straw between their teeth and, each binding a cloth around his neck, fell down like rods before the Lord.

We feel very much ashamed, standing here before You. The final pastimes of the Lord, occurring in His last twenty-four years, are called madhya [middle] and antya [final].