Donald E. Knuth: A számítógép-programozás művészete; Illés Zoltán: Programozás C# nyelven; Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ · Kondorosi Károly. Alapjául az ML és OCaml nyelv szolgált, valamint kialakítására hatással volt még a C#, Python, Funkcionális programozás; Imperatív programozás.

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Required probablity forecast based on historical data and few defined parameters. Search a specific folder and all of the subfolders for a string, and then print out the line in a separate file.

Mobile Application 6 nap left.

Win Desktop Application 6 nap left. We are looking for someone which will be able to make the application name change, and can prepare the exe file and give it to us. I need Android developer to make an app for me. I am looking for an experienced developer to work on an existing projects using. I want prograozas have a software with source code and i need some correction in my software.

I will assign you around 80 fx particle effects to programozass in unity with references for each particle that needs to be made.


C# programozás – Fájlkezelés – InfoTanSegéd

Enable one-time login for app. I’m working on a chat software and I need someone to test the functionality of the program, it shouldn’t take long, Just install and run. The app fills a byte array and draws it to the screen to display an animation.

I want to base it on AdminLTE templa I have the code dokumented using StyleCop rules. File has been attached need to get it done with in 6 hours.

Prohramozas Developer My project needs to be developed with the following skills: A review article writing.

Work station data entry mobile application 6 nap left. The app is actually scanning similar images within the phone and then delete them all which are actually same. Looking for someone that has experience certifying Windows apps using the Windows App Certification Kit.

C# programozás Jobs

Kindly have a look at the attachment file and let me know can you do this? If you can do this job, give me your best rate and timeframe.

Developer only work on remote. Hi i have already developed football game in which offline multiplayer and everything is already implement all you need to reskin and make it online multiplayer.


Looking for c Developer on hourly basis 6 nap left.

I have algorithm developed for this but its in Delphi code and I want it only to be used fr app development. Gang beast animation And model. I’m looking for an experienced web developer for something that should be a small-to-medium project.

List your previous fx work done in unity to help increase your chances in being declared the winner of this [ Requirement document are attached along with. Unity3D Game Developers needed immediately! Looking for unity fx artist for pc game. We basically need readymade solution programozqs the open source with same feature but in our brand label.

Each milestone will be for prigramozas. I need a developer to develop a game with an idea i have, all designs and development to be owned by us.

An expertC freelance programmer can help your business quite skillfully and cost effectively.