The ‘Davidito’ book online. Posted by Observer on November 03, at In Reply to: Questions for James posted by Observer on November 03, . before i read the full title i thought the book was written by a cult that The actual Davidito went on to murder one of the cult members before. I gave him the Autobiography of PeeWee Gaskins, which is a rare and expensive book. I mentioned that I ran this sub and crimescene and that.

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But, of course, she was there and cognizant of all that went on. Navigation Main Page Recent changes. Um, I got gags, [expletive] socks laughsI got lots of [expletive] duct tape. Off at a year old, I think that was one of his favourite reasons for going naked!

Berg adopted the son she bore and named him “Davidito” — little David — heir-apparent to David Berg. There is no way to verify any of those numbers.

But he didn’t stay there. Rodriguez was born in Tenerifeone of the Canary Islands. And, at a time when many book sects sprang up in America, imprinted his with daviditp unique: Instead, Ricky Rodriguez drove his car to a crossroads and shot himself in the head.

Retrieved from ” https: TenerifeCanary Islands. He knew that if he hid, we would have to stop and find him. I don’t know how to [expletive] do this. Personal tools Create account Log in.

He was a boy groomed to be a prophet, dwvidito doomed to a life of pain. Of course we have had to comment to Davidito that he should not play with his penie in public, but inside the house is a better place.


He had earlier filmed a video, where he explained what he planned to do. He then drove pf Blythe, Californiawhere he shot himself in the head. Because I can’t go on like this. Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes.

When Julia and Davidito rebelled against its teachings, they were sent to so called “teen training,” which featured hard labor and sometimes, they say, physical abuse. What he was saying, ‘experience life,’ shows a mother orally copulating a little boy and um, that’s his opinion about what would usually in the United States be regarded as sexual abuse of a child.

Police say there is no evidence that he tortured her, but he did stab her to death. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Retrieved June 13, But Ricky didn’t look up Angela to discuss old times. The group was free with sex, but also extremely authoritarian.

And I would just kind of block it all out and pretend this was happening to somebody else.

The Book of Davidito

The group says, what’s past is past. You’d think a religious group would protect and defend its children, especially one called “Children of God. Little David stood watching through the pool fence as a couple made love in the water. Dateline wires the home of a volunteer, Jenny, from top to bottom with hidden cameras.

And we’d all sleep in one big bed together and the man would start touching me in the night and molesting me. Views Read Edit View history.

It was intended to be an example of child rearing. It would have given me hope. If they were thirsty, you give them drink. Sara walked in while the children of other Family members were having a bath:.


While the stated intent was not to harm the children, the support for and advocation of pedophilia ultimately wrought harm to many children. It has a new vook How do I even interact with people in the real world? Shouldn’t the people who raised us pay for our pain?

The Book of Davidito – XFamily – Children of God

Then she called repairmen to her house for a simple problem we created as a test with Jenny’s pool. Search Most popular on msnbc. Still some of the survivors began to wonder. It seems friendly, cordial, a young man making a video for davidiho.

And, you davidto, you’ll have to do what you have to do. Afterwards, he lay still in my arms to rest and even reached fo to love Alfred around the neck, too, thanking him for sharing! And that life would end in an explosion of violence. Um, I got a soldering iron, heat, a rather crude implement holds up fork I think can work wonders especially if it’s used in the right way.

Certain portions of these images have been blurred by xFamily. In Septemberafter separating from his wife, Rodriguez moved to Tucson, Arizonaand worked as an electrician. But his mother refused to pay.