About the Book: Sri Jnanadev or Jnaneshwar, Poet and Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta, was on this earth for about twenty years, nearly seven hundred years ago. BHAVARTHA-DIPIKA olhetwiae known as DNYANESHWARI being an illuminating Commentary in Marathi on Bhagwad-Gita by the Celebrated Poel- Saint, Sbri. Śrīdhara Svāmī, in his commentary Bhāvārtha-dīpikā, replies to the idea that prakṛti and puruṣa are the causes of the cosmic manifestation.

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Now take up this bow in hand, and mount the chariot, and assume your Kshattric martial role, with a peaceful and firm mind. Therefore you all should always be dilika in practising your ordained duties and I repeat this to you again and again.

The advice then given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. For, they are indeed in possession of all knowledge and means to right conduct. So deep and mystic is, Ob Arjuna, the songof My praise, and the devotees that sing it realise, dupika I am the one complete and entire being in the universe, in the way the thread pervades the fabric from end to end and that there is nothing else but Myself in the universe There- fore, it is not such an ordinary thing.


Lord Krishna drove the chanot-on and stationed it betwixt the two armies The chariot was stationed on the spot, where bhavartga standing face to face. But there arose in me an inner urge and I thought that there was positively nothing wrong in making an attempt in that direction.

Why should we fatten the body by making endless exertions and by acquiring wealth of diflfetent kinds at the cost of our reli- gion? The reader may also find the commentary on VI.

In this way the wise themselves fall victims to sin and vice, what power may it be that is so strong that the wise arc made prostrate ; tell me kindly all this. Pray consider well, wby you should then follow the prohibited course? One can read this work over and over bhavartah for the rest of your life and always benefit.

I now just tell in brief that story and yau do hear it. It is a matter of supreme gratification to me that the service, I was inspired to render at the feet of Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj-the very God of knowledge,-in the form of an attempt at rendering into English his unique and invaluable composition, the Bhavartha- Dipika the lamp, illuminating the import of the Glta Teachingshas, by his own grace, reached the stage of completion. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. He lets alone the senses m their frespec- ttve objects and is never afraid of them: Similarly your very luck personified, will itself follow searching for you with all happiness.


He combines scholarship with Sadhana supported by an intellect which is analytic as well as systhetic. I, therefore, simply carry out that suggestion in the following lines, since I see nothing unreasonable in it.

And who could illumine this migbiy flame of uncommon splendour? Even though, they exist in human forms, still fipika do not get themselves fettered by actions, just as the Sun, in no way gets himself affected by any affairs of the world, which ate carried on in the light he sheds. They therefore make no distinction such as big and small or living or without life, nhavartha bow straight to every visible creation, considering all as My own form.

Bhavartha-dipika quoted – Vaniquotes

Therefore, whoever continues doing the sacriScial rites in tbe form of his duties according to his own religion would never become entangled into the mesbes of the mundane existence. At the most, I might have to abandon the attempt, should I, in course of time, find myself quite unequal to it. What more remains to be done? They flow at its source and even though they ultimately join the sea they continue flowing all through its course. This note caught my imagination and I wondered as to why I should not try at it, if and when I found leisure.

Lord Krishna placed his devotee at his back himself remaining in the forefront.

If you conduct yourself with firm faith in your religion, be assured that you will be happy in all respects and have no trouble whatever. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

Their mind goes on thinking of actions. But this Supreme Brahman is neither mani- fest nor non-mamfest— It is neither eternal nor perishable It is the self-same pure being beyond changes and abiding for ever. How could one find different degrees of fineness in gold were he to test it with the Paris itself 7 Whatever comes to he rubbed against that touch-stonc Paris will all be pure gold.


Pandit is very well deserved The Tn- the greatest of works, if not the greatest in’thr’J.

Bhavarth Deepika – Wikipedia

Anyone, who has had the experience of writing such a book, can know that the time is indeed too short for the completion of such a work. As the seed by con- tact with moisture in soil blossoms forth and gets spread out into a tree, with branches and sub-branches, in that way, the universe created by the Prakriti owes its being to Me.

Or sec, how the wind becomes calm and merges into the.

You might take them to be different, but think closely and they will be found to be one. I ghavartha to piace on record my gratitude to the management and staff of All India Press, Pondicherry, for their fine work.

Bhavartha Dipika Jnaneshwari

Besides, I have had not the benefit of any higher collegiate education, nor had I secured any literary attainments through any other means. There is a great deal we could learn from them. This labour of love engaged him for over five years, and he had the satisfaction of seeing the publication of his rendering-the first complete English translation of the great Marathi Classic-in two volumes in and Since he reaches the bank of the state of Self-perfection, after crossing the batnetsof ctotes of years or of thousands of births, It follows that all the means of his success m emancipation auto- matically follow him and consequently he easily becomes the master of the kingdom of true knowledge The right vision, of Supreme divine then is slackened m speed as it is merged m the Supreme Branman, which in itself is beyond the limits of thought There then are melted the clouds of the mind and also are destroyed the powers of the wind, while the eternal sky is absorbed in itself.

And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me.