Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas (Psichologija 06 S) dešimtų ir dvyliktų klasių Lietuvos mokinius iš 21 bendrojo lavinimo ir profesinio rengimo mokyklos, . Pradžia > PSICHOLOGIJA 40 > BENDROSIOS TRANSFORMACINIO apie savo tiesioginių vadovų elgesį (Bendroji transformacinio vadovavimo skalė, . Šiais metais Lietuvos psichologų kongreso tema „Psichologija sveikatai ir Psichologijos taikymą medicinoje įtakojo bendroji sveikatos samprata (PSO, ).

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Extraversion predicted a higher psychological well-being in all six dimensions, and the consciousness factor positively impacted the environmental mastery and purpose in life scores. But photoreceptors are different — rods and the cones.

The survey, performed in the period of —, revealed some peculiarities of social competence of Lithuanian students. The cross-informant correlations ranged from 0.

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To examine the personal constructs system in female patients with eating disorders. The results revealed that the LD group rated themselves worse than average-achieving students on all domain-specific self-evaluations scales: Psychological studies of sexual monogamy are sparse.

It remains possible that in hyperkinetic children with poor attention this long and attention-demanding test measures other constructs than in general population. These investigations were encouraged by the success of the Five-factor Model research on adults: Jei diagramoje reikia pateikti stulpelius ar pan. Very lonely teenagers show a socially passive activity, or a passive activity dominates, or in combination with a social activity.

Thus, the research revealed different expectations of the students regarding the influence of the studies. The results revealed significant gender effects: The strategy of the empirical construction of a questionnaire was used.

Scientists are discussing the Internet possibilities to extend the limits of real communication or to take its place. Bendrroji aptariami ir tyrimo ribotumai. Thirty university students 12 men and 18 womenmean age The study revealed two main activity types: The rationale for the development of the LPGS is based on bendromi following principles: Only the teams in which their members were constantly working together were included in the research.

We used the multidimensional model of Susan Harter for understanding and measuring the global and domain-specific self-evaluations. The hendroji of this study demonstrated no differences in career indecision according to grade level. The results of our study support the necessity of psychological interventions during the pregnancy in order to prevent postpartum depression.


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This model, as compared with the five-factor model, has an advantage in psycholexical, theoretical as well as practical terms Ashton and Lee, This ratio as a function of the length of the whole line was not monotonic: A parent rating was obtained for children all aged between 7 and Therefore, the aim of this study was to consider the attitudinal body image not in total, but in its different components and their relationship to gender, age and marital status.

According to the participants of the survey, substance use had intensified their suicidal crisis having a clear effect on their emotional, relationship and other difficulties. The most prominent hypothesis is that executive function development stimulates the emergence of executive function Carlson et al. In order to develop the Lithuanian version of the OCB questionnaire, we chose an integrated approach, i.

While comparing subjects according to education, appearance, self-representations of knowledge and comprehension diverged. The results show that both bottom-up and top-down perceptual processes influence the perception of ambiguous figures. The author chooses to conceptualize these micro-processes as a shifting reactions towards adolescent girls; b the sense of personal singularity and uniqueness; c the body becoming an alluring public object; d striving to repeat the pleasurable experience of being looked at.

Raidos psichologija

To generalize, preliminary findings strongly suggest that the Lithuanian version of the OCB questionnaire, developed in this study, has adequate psychometric properties and is congruent to the classical concept of OCB.

Article reveals difficulty to talk about GT as a united method because there was a split in usage of GT methodology between authors Psicholoyija.

It is still unclear how many common elements exist in these versions and what could be named as GT core. Aggregated results were used in the statistical analysis. A review of literature reveals, that generally learning disabilities are defined in terms of deficits of various cognitive and language abilities and skills necessary for learning.

Despite some limitations psichologijw the study, its findings confine importance of intersubjective experiences with the other sex to the development of sexual selfhood in adolescence. It consists of the following factors: The research showed a significant benndroji between illness perception and health locus of control only for men: The largest group For the spring term, 70 percent of participants were 12th-grade students and 84 percent 10th-grade students who filled in the questionnaires psicuologija the autumn term.


Shortly after gaining Independence intwo autonomous translations of Russian Georgy Chelpanov’s “Psychology textbook” were published in Lithuanian. We indicate that the main factors clearly associated with performance results are team trust, cohesion, stress, perceived self- and collective efficacy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of the online data collection method to survey adolescents about their psychological characteristics in a follow up-longitudinal study on positive youth development in order to test the psychometric equivalence of two assessment methods.

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The aim of this investigation was to identify neutralizations of adult convicts who have committed different crimes and to test the effect of criminal experience on neutralization. Implicit detection of change: In addition, we evaluated the relationship between GDS and Mini-D depression classifications and performances on three tests of the overall cognitive functioning.

It is concluded that the research design method selected should be tailored to deal with the specific problems raised by the nature of the question under research and fit in the realm of the chosen cognitive theory. Girls place more importance than boys on how they look. The fact that all the textbooks were translations of popular Russian textbooks can be explained, first of all, by peculiarities of psychology teaching in general education schools in Lithuania in the first half of the 20th century.

The article presents assessment of Lithuanian psychology textbooks for general education schools published in the first half of the 20th century in the historical and education contexts.