The TDA is a monolithic integrated circuit in Heptawatt package. It is a high efficiency power booster for direct driving of vertical windings. AN Datasheet, AN PDF, AN Data sheet, AN manual, AN alldatasheet, free, al AN datasheet, cross reference. Hi! to All.. i have something to share. i discovered that the 4 vertical IC’s UTC TDA AN TDA i hope this will give help.

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Is there a way to make Fullscreen Cover not fully fullscreen.

By the way, on this site, the parallax effect is made slightly elaborated: Maybe in future releases you will also be able to aan5522 the same: And thank you for the cool product! As Aaron said the whole effect of this is to have it fullscreen without any distractions. I would recommend Aarons solution on this case. An55222 you maybe have a link to your site so we can look into this for you?

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately your link http: Can you please update that so wen can take at look at this for you: Glad to hear you found a solution for that on your own. Keep on rocking Ruud: Can you do me a favor and send me a link to your site so we can look into this for you? Sorry for the inconvenience, I did not notice it was you: For me the code is working ann5522, the arrow should also stay within the cover. Aj5522 you have a screenshot of how it looks on your end, so we can identify the possible problem.


Nice to hear from you!

Forum submissions are closed until January 3 as our support team is offline for the holidays. You may be able to find the answer you need by searching the forum. If not, we’ll help you out as soon as we return! Fullscreen Cover vertical size Dima Dec 06, Up 0 rated Down. Aaron Dec 06, I believe you could just add an image in the content editor of the page you want it on. Make it a large image maybe px X px change the settings of the image to full width in content editor and it should work.

Full screen cover option, is to cover, the full screen – both width and height. Dima Dec 06, Up -1 rated Down.

Semplice Dec 06, Hi Dima, its unfortunately not possible without major changes and its not planned for fertical future. Up 1 rated Down. Ily Dec 03, Dima you can use this code in the custom CSS section. But you can change it. Also this will apply to all full screen covers. Ruud Dec 29, Hi Ily, Thank you for your solution.

You wouldn’t have some custom CSS which also scales the video’s height to same pecentage proportionally?

Vertical IC Rerplacement | Electronics Forums

Hope to hear from you. Thalis Jan 03, Ruud Jan 04, Hi Veritcal, Hope you had great holiday. Thalis Jan 05, Hi Ruud Thanks for getting in touch.


Ruud Jan 05, Hi Thalis, Its no longer necessaire. I found a way that suits my needs. But a have an other question open it would be great if you could help with that one. Thalis Jan 06, Hi Ruud Glad to hear you found a solution for that on your own.

Jason Nov 30, I would also be interested in learning how to make the fullscreen cover shorter. I’ve experimented with this bit of css, but the downward arrow gets lost underneath.

Thalis Dec 01, Hi Jason Thanks for getting in touch. Jason Dec 01, Thalis Hi, Thanks for having a look!


Hi Jason Wn5522 for the inconvenience, I did not notice it was you: Thats ok, i’m probably asking too many questions! I tested it within the browsers inspect page console before, thats maybe why it didn’t work so well, if i had it set wrong. Hi, I was just about to post the same question.

I tried pasting the custom css for the fullscreen-cover, but that also affects the fullscreen cover on the homepage, whereas I’m only looking to do this for the project pages. Thalis Feb 27, Hi David Nice to hear from you! Post Your Public Answer Your verticzl required. Your email address required.