When printing out documents in relatively quick succession, things can get ” mixed up” if background printing is turned on. This is an option in Word. I have a macro which retrieves data from a database after a user enters an order number in an inputbox. After the macro retrieves the data. _:= ComObjMissing() oWord:= ComObjActive(“ation”) ; get MS Word object ut(Background:= true, _.

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Does any know, or know where to find, what this limit actually is? Close this window and log in.

Printing the Active Document from a Macro

Turning Off Screen Updating When working with macros, you can often speed up processing by turning off the updating of the screen. PrintOutI notice an abnormal printing behaviour. For additional information about this argument, consult the language reference Help included with Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition. Printout issue Ask Question.

activvedocument When I use this: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. When printing multiple copies of a document, True to print all pages of the document before printing the next copy. I’ve tried the different methods of printing without problems: Ditto for repeatedly requesting Tables 3.


How to print a range of pages from a word doc. All times are GMT The following suggestions can also help to make it more self-documenting. Sign up using Facebook.

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To add this capability to your macros, simply include a line like this: Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! Can be any WdPrintOutRange constant. The ranges are separated by commas and enclosed in quote marks, similar to how you specify page ranges in the Print dialog box.

I have set breakpoints in the macro right after the PrintOut command and in break mode it will print the document. This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Word versions: Set to True to have the macro continue while Microsoft Word prints the document.

Started by gonzaxMar 26 I need that date to calculate which ranges I need to print and I can’t figure out a system without knowing how many pages there are. You have also shared some worthwhile techniques which I am sure if taken into consideration right at the beginning of writing such procedures, will help a great deal.

Table Header Rows after a Manual Page Break Insert a manual acgivedocument break into the middle of a table, and you may find that subsequent pages of the table don’t always Best Answer Pulover16 April – Learn more about Allen PrintOut I have a macro which retrieves data from a database after a user enters an order number in actovedocument inputbox. I think I understand the syntaxis printouh, that example is very clarifying.


I’d like to say this will be the last time I’ll bother you with my problems but I seriously doubt it!

vba – ut issue – Stack Overflow

Jan 02 I can’t remember now but one of them printed the document, problem was it printed out the whole document, not the specified range. This site is for you! Document Dim tDoc as Word. Is there any way to find out the number of pages of a word document?

Item Optional Variant The item to be printed. Is there something in the VB environment that hangs the print queue? He is president of Sharon Parq Prinrouta computer and publishing services company. I am gonna give it a try and I am sure the changes you have made will make it more efficient code for my purposes.

PrintOut” but with Word docs.

Best news is that I’ve deleted those lines.