It could also mean situating it in Abdennour Bidar’s existential and intellectual itinerary, for which he has given keys in his quite original and much acclaimed Self. 12 Results Visit ‘s Abdennour Bidar Page and shop for all Abdennour Bidar books. Abdennour Bidar. Follow Books by Abdennour Bidar. Hello to each one of you. I would like to send out a message. We who are heirs to the Islamic faith have received as our legacy a spiritual.

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Hello to each one of you. I would like to send out a message. We who are heirs to the Islamic faith have received as our legacy a spiritual culture that is presently being held hostage by barbarity. It is high time we did something about it.

Édito – Charter of the Heirs of Islam (juin 2017)

We cannot leave this, our treasure, perish in the hands of those who distort it in the name of their narrow, backward view of what it represents. We cannot let it be perverted by terrorist monsters. If we are serious about this, if we really want to give rise to a new Islam of Enlightenment, within ourselves and around us, then we have to solemnly proclaim two principles. The time for mandatory and systematic application of these precepts has gone.

Each of us must now learn internal autonomy, that is to say teaching ourselves to build our own spirituality from questions whom no one shall ever answer for us.


No one should be allowed abdennpur meddle in this private inward searching, and every spiritual education should strive to help us attain it. Nobody — no religious dignitary, no local or familial leader — should impose on anyone their own vision of Islam as the only true or right way to worship. Each of us must create their own relation to Islam. We can achieve it through exercising our own reflection and judgment as well as by engaging in dialogue and companionship with all those who are also searching for meaning, whether they be Bidad or not, believers or not, for we can enrich one another from our differences and cross questioning.

Charter of the Heirs of Islam | Abdennour Bidar

We must stand together now — over and above the existing chiasm between religion and atheism — and help one another to tackle the great issues of human condition relating to justice, truth, happiness, love, and the meaning of life and death. We proclaim that every individual should have the right to define their own relation to religion as well as to switch faiths or have no faith — and incur no accusation of apostasy.

These principles must be the requirements and the aims to a complete reform of Islam. They have several consequences: How long this list is shows how extensive is the critical and creative work that must be done.

Every heir of Islam commits to make these principles prevail in humanity and to sustain them in their own life.

  FORMULIR 1770 S 2014 PDF

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Any violation of these principle in the bivar of Islam would be illegitimate, with no exception. Every woman, every man on Earth who share these principles are our sister and brother in humanity, whether they be Muslims or not. Beyond humanity, our sisters are brothers are all living beings.

I call on all the women and men who relate to these bidwr principles of the Islam of Enlightenment to spread them by all means and sources at their disposal, by translating them in all languages so as to make them known by as many people as possible.

I call on non-Muslims as well as Muslims to bicar their attachment to these principles so as to advertise how deeply an Islam of Enlightenment is at one with the highest principles of universal humanism. I offer them this Islam of Enlightenment as a way to preserve a faithful loyalty to our heritage while renewing it today in view of tomorrow.

What adbennour remain alive in Islam to us as its heirs is what each of us will have decided to keep of those treasures of the past to inspire their spiritual lives and to build peace, justice and fraternity between all human beings. A principle of personal freedom: A principle of historical critic: